10 Things To Know About Film Making

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Are you thinking to step into the film-making industry? Are you about to launch your first film? If yes, then there are some things which you need to follow before film-making or launching your feast. Some people say that the hardest part is finding an idea worth making a film. Other people point towards logistics as a real challenge.

Ah yes, the first years of film-making. They are magical and wonderous. Let’s talk a little bit about film-making. Film-making is a step by step process of making a film. It includes several stages such as initial story, idea, and production. Suppose you are inspired by film-making and want to pursue it as your career. There exists some things which you need to know about this process. These things include;

1. Focus on the Story

Probably the most important pillar of film-making is the story. You can only develop a story when you have a good idea. You should make a film on an idea that is worth pursuing. Some beginners get so excited about film-making that they forget about their purpose. The purpose is to tell a story.

As a newcomer, you should pull all your focus on the story and the tools you will need to tell it. Don’t forget the base of every scene in your film is the story. Hence, if you want to make a great film, you need an outstanding story.

2. Prepare

Get all the things ready before jumping into real action. It would be ideal if you arranged everything ahead of time. According to the dissertation help firm, make a list of shots, gears, supplies and crew information. You should schedule everything from venues of film-making to the duration of the film. One thing which is worthy to note is that you should plan everything by giving it more time than it requires. It is necessary because you won’t find yourself behind schedule.

Hence, the second important thing is planning and planning everything.

3. Be Confident in Your Material

Aside from your story, it would help if you were confident in your story too. If you believe that your material is going to move viewers, then it is easy to project. Not feeling passionate about the work you are doing is another story. Your confidence should shine through your work.

If you are planning to make a film on something which inspires you, then everything becomes easy. Your mind will assist you in every detail of it. You will think about creative ideas, and more ideas will cross your mind. For this to happen, you need to be confident in your story.

4. Sound is SO Important

There is no doubt that as a beginner, you will be obsessed with visuals more than sound. But the sound is as important as visuals. This is a very classic mistake that every filmmaker does. Newbies in this field should be obsessing over microphones instead of cameras. It is more vital to have good sound than it is to have nice sights.

It helps the audience to feel like they are in a different world. For example, in a horror movie, the sound and visuals play an important role in moving the audience.

5. Be a Good Collaborator

At the start of your career, you might not fit with other people. You should learn to work as a team and build some leadership skills. Don’t count your word as the last word; other people can also bring much to your project. So, be a good collaborator who listens to the advice and ideas of others.
6. Don’t be Precious with Your Shots

Ah, you have captured an amazing shot, probably the best shot of your film. But if that shot doesn’t help your audience or story, then cut it. Don’t waste the time of your viewers. That is just nature; sometimes, your best work or short ends up in the cutting room. So, the best thing is to treat every shot preciously. Don’t get obsessed with any particular shot which is not helping your story.

7. Utilize What You Have

Don't worry if you don't have beautiful locations, actresses, and funding. It would be good if you took inventory of what you have and worked with it. Your best assets are the things that you have. If you are to make a film with your smartphone at your grandma’s place for zero dollars, then rock it. Believe in what you have and be confident in your story.

8. Value Your Time

Now, when you have decided to pursue film-making as your career, don’t waste time. Sometimes you have to do work for free. But don’t forget that work will help you in future. It will add up to your CV and experience. So, set a reasonable price for yourself. You will gain experience along with earning money.

9. Be Patient

Building your career in film-making takes a lot of time. It’s not something you can achieve overnight. The CEO of a cheap dissertation help firm said Success in film-making takes time and a lot of effort. You should work to align things in your favour.

Ups and downs come will come in your career. You don’t need to be discouraged. Sometimes your client would be unhappy with your work. But, be patient, not passive.

10. Things Don’t Go as Planned

In film-making, things don't go as planned always. It makes no difference how good your strategy is. You will find some delays in your schedule. You will be off time. You need to be flexible and resilient as there will be unexpected happenings during your career.

For example, if you are going to shoot a scene in the sun but there are clouds, it starts raining. You might end your day with no shots in hand. For this, you need to be flexible and resilient.


There are so many things that you need to know before film-making. The things mentioned above are the big ones that every filmmaker has to go through. Hence, as a beginner, you must come up with a great story. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get a breakthrough.


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